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Taking Care of your Photos

Today, I was very excited to pick up a print of the old newspaper photo from the Portland Evening Express dated June 28th, 1972 the day of the Bike Race in Redbank. I did contact the Portland Newspaper Archives contact person, Marcia MacVane, who researched to find that many negatives from that time had been thrown away. I wanted to go through the correct process. I explained that I wanted to get a negative made and post the picture. She said as long as it was in the public domain that it could be used. Although it is not an overall exciting picture, I have wanted to post this because of all the kids in the background. On the back, I had written their names when I was twelve. Left to right: Terry Lallo, Lori Nelson, tiptoeing behind her was Judy White, Barbara Applegard, Suzan Roberts in center, Lisa DesMarais, Mark Murphy, Laurie Reynolds, little girl in front Kelly Labbe, Scott Jaynes. The original photo was never ‘Fixed’ correctly in the darkroom so chemicals turned it all brown with age. They wanted it for their before and after photos as it was an excellent example because the photographer shot the picture 4x and had to work hard to enhance the print process to bring out the image. It was in such terrible shape, that it could not even be scanned. I paid a standard 15 dollars for an archival negative and another 12 dollars for an 8×10 print. It was worth having a record of it. If you are interested, I have had many negatives made along with prints from my antique photo collection at B&W Photo Lab at 142 High Street, Portland. They are excellent and their work shows the quality. It is worth preserving your collection.
I am also posting a few more samples of their work. If you are serious about your photos, you can reach them at 207-772-4947, as they are only open a few days per week. Or you can check out their website at   BWPHOTOLAB.COM

Some of these other pictures are ambrotypes which were given to me when I was a teenager. The woman with the round face is my great great grandmother, Martha Roberts [born 1842, photo taken 1863] from Saco Street, Westbrook. The thin faced woman is Marietta Brooks Roberts [born 1837, died 1872] – her sister in law. They look remarkable with negatives made and new prints, as the jewelry is very noticeable.

B&W also took a negative of this Polaroid which was taken by Judy Watts and made a B&W print. It has great detail. Notice all the kids behind me in that Cadillac. We took off like a flash around MacArthur Circle with the kids on their bikes following us. I had no idea that day that I was chosen to wear a crown, being the one to sell the most raffles [The prize was a lawnchair, won by Mr. Arthur Giroux, who was owner of an oil company] My gown was custom made by my neighbor Cathy Swan who took an old prom dress belonging to my mom’s cousin, Carol Ross and tailored it to fit one of us girls. In the home movie made by my dad, I accepted a ribbon and a crown and later had to get dressed in my gown inside the community hall bathroom. I was so painfully shy.

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