Long Absence

It has been a very long time since I posted anything here. My reasoning was that we had some family concerns. I lost my youngest son to suicide just 3 years ago and I miss him every day. I was also unable to write for several years leading up to his death because not only did I work full time out of the home, but I am caregiver to an adult son with Muscular dystrophy. , as well as tried to help make sure my other son was doing ok. You can find out more by checking the recent film Brothers by my son Michael Norton and filmmaker Reginald Groff which has a Facebook Account (Brothers Documentary) The trailer for the film can be viewed on the Facebook page and we are still raising money and entering film festivals. It has been a very long road for our family. The journey of grief is never ending , like our journey in life. I believe my mission will be to speak more and raise awareness about those with brain disorders as well as those with physical disabilities. Thank you for following my blog and I apologize for taking so long to write again.

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