Occupy Google


Today, the day of big Internet Blackout, and you guessed it, I am using the internet. I turned on my computer and saw Google’s homepage, a big blacked out space with only the lower portion of the “g” exposed. Also I tend to think this is the big experiment because Google had underneath the big blacked out area, highlighted, “Tell Congress: Please don’t censor the web!” This is a fantastic marketing ploy! Thinking of the far reaching capabilities of the search engines, I imagine all the Googlers at Google’s home office key wording “Google” in the search bar, just to see how many Google hits were received on 1/18/2012.
What exactly is to be learned today? I suppose they will find out which of “We the People” are the defiant ones. I believe our Government has always been afraid of “We the People” and I believe they are afraid of how quickly we can organize and that is a threat to them. Of course they would like to censor the internet! Regardless of how you perceive yourself politically, we are all the same, the Commoners.
This morning it was mentioned to me by a family member that when you have all the money, you have all the power. Well, that is the American way. Seems to me there is a lot of class warfare going on between those who do not have against those who do have. Well think about this. Why do you play the lottery? Perhaps you dream of being one who has something instead of living pay day to pay day. Yes, when you have money, you can buy anything you want. Big Deal!  To get mad at this concept is to squash you very own dreams of someday not having to worry about every nickel and dime you make and spend. Class warfare is lame. It is the abuse of power that bothers me. The abuse of power should concern all of us. Google wants control and power over the internet and to own all of our data. We are wise to you, the Almighty Google. Google..Google..Google


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