Multi-tasking : Has all this technology allowed us to accomplish any more in a day?

As we ring in the New Year, we are all thinking of certain goals we would like to reach. I believe multi-tasking and enjoying it, are the key to achieving your goals. A few examples come to mind, especially being a woman in my forties, I am trying to become more health conscious. My job consists of sitting at a desk on a switchboard.  I have often thought a stairmaster would be a great way to keep in shape as I took calls from customers, but that might be a little silly.  So I bought a giant Swiss therapeutic ball and I sit on it at work. I move from side to side, working on my waste, and I also do small crunches as I take phone calls. Then when I need more activity, I stand up and lean into the ball with one leg at a time, to stretch my legs and work the backs of my legs. I felt a little silly but everyone is quite accustomed to it now. Another woman brought hers to work also. We feel much better. A small change but I am doing a sort of multi-tasking. More water is also one of my little goals.

            Last evening I had a brainstorm. Our son uses an electric wheelchair, and this has taught us to find solutions. Prioritizing, and coordinating doctor appointments, and generally giving him the best possible care I can and also taking time for me and my husband…..well just lets say that many things get compromised because the day is still 24 hours long. Physical therapy is very important but I have not much time left for anyone near the end of the day. Someone comes to your home and trains you to do PT for your loved one. You will love this idea and I stumbled upon it quite by accident. I was whipping up dinner when I put on a Bruce Springsteen CD on my boom-box in the kitchen. I get a little wacky and start dancing. Well my son is annoyed with the music to begin with but I see him and decide to dance with him. He cannot lift his arms or legs so I grab his arms and then his legs and move to the music. I am getting exercise and he is getting his PT … and Dinner is getting cooked , but the best part is we are having fun… not like work. Of course he wouldn’t even look at me because he thinks I am a wack- job anyhow. That’s what I call Creative Problem Solving on a Daily Basis. We all do it from time to time.

            Now about all this multi-tasking, my advice is this: I don’t like to see folks brushing their teeth when they are driving or putting on make-up or even shaving. Get in the car and drive, and focus on being the best driver you can. A cousin of mine lost his life after living in a rehab hospital for a year with a serious brain injury as a result of someone changing a music CD when they were driving. All this technology is a huge distraction in our lives. Never ever would our ancestors have imagined that we would become part of the Machine. Each day we interact with machines, whether it involves a call to the bank, the operator, or ordering something online. The Industrial Revolution changed the world forever with the introduction of machinery replacing labor. I am amazed at the instant connections with people globally. I love to get mail 40x per day versus waiting for the mailman. I still love the handwritten letter though. Imagine how technology has changed our lives. Are our lives 100% better because of technology? Do we get any more done today than we did say 125 years ago?  I think we still work equally as hard to make ends meet as our ancestors did. The big difference was that the weather played a significant role in their livelihoods. They couldn’t get the hay ready until it was completely dry. Crops were bad some years because of the weather. I read a lifetime of diaries written by an ancestor dating 1867-1913. Each day, he wrote exactly what the temperature was and the even the type of snowfall. They had difficult lives filled with hard work as there was no wood fairy to chop their wood to keep their houses warm.  A trip to Raymond from Westbrook took 4 hours by wagon one way. The visit lasted 4 hours and then it was another 4 hours to get home. These trips were done on Sundays. Either a person stayed home on Sunday waiting for visitors or they visited relatives and sometimes friends. Survival depended on those connections to kinfolk. The wagon would leave with a cord of wood and come home with a barrel of apples, some barrels of flour or whatever supplies were needed at home. It was the same as today, no wasted trips but today it is because of gas prices. An empty wagon lost money. I think the quality of life was better in some ways. People are getting lazier with all this technology and we are for the most part not doing much physical work like our ancestors did, for the same reasons. We are all a product of out times. Still I love the distraction of writing this blog. Just a little food for thought… Best wishes on your New Year goals!

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