Happy New Year

        Our Christmas letter was once a tradition. Each year we would reach out to our many friends and family across the miles. We think of each of you all year long. Reflecting on this past year, I believe 24/7 news is something that none of us need. We cannot change the events which unfold in front of our eyes every minute throughout the day. It is nice to know all that is happening around the globe however that is not nearly as important as what happens within our own communities. Helping those in our communities is much more meaningful that trying to help from afar.     
        Within our own family, jobs have been lost & surgery and hardship prevails. Parents are older and struggle to maintain a home. Kids leave home and some move far away. Sometimes parents move far away also. Our family is luckier than most as we all live within close proximity. It is important to take care of your family first before you can extend yourself to others. Acceptance is something that does not always come easy. Disappointment sometimes weighs heavily upon us. Sometimes those we love can only give little of themselves and we must learn to accept that. Sometimes it is not about us at all, but about paying attention to the people who surround us.  
        Within our own community it would be simple to fill this page with sadness because for many it was a tough year.  As a community, it is our duty to look out for each other and lend an ear, or check in on members of our communities. Be kind. Some of the elderly may not even know people within the community. It must be a little scary to be isolated. The disabled encounter some of the same issues. A young person with a disability or mobility issues are often isolated from their peers. Try including some of them in your plans and events for the New Year. I can assure you, you will not be bored with their company. There are many ways to keep connected…. Email, snail mail, Face book, or a phone call. That is the best gift anyhow, to give of oneself. Remember the story of the Little Drummer Boy? 
         A gesture of kindness may mean something to someone who has had a tough day. When you are having a tough day, reach out to others, because by doing so, you may be helping the next person in some way as well as looking beyond your own problems. We all go through life and find we are so busy, that we seldom take the time to make time for someone else. Let’s try to change that. Thank you to all of you for being part of our lives.


Reprint permission with author’s permission @ fiddlinsuz@roadrunner.com

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