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My blog is an assortment of topics for which I am passionate. My name is Suzan Norton and I live in Maine. If I had to wear one hat, I would be completely bored. I am mother, wife, full time laborer in the telecommunications field, disability advocate for physical and mental illnesses, speaker, storyteller, calligrapher, historian, genealogist,  writer and photographer.

I am self reliant, a little passive on the ‘not so important things’ but usually will fight if I think it is worth the fight. I have been known to challenge the professionals when seeking the best care for my loved ones whose medical needs are many. Listening and feeling listened to are key elements when choosing a good doctor. When those you love go through struggles whether it is physical disability, mental illness or addiction, be kind, and never give up on them. This path I am on, isn’t one I chose, but it chose me. I am accepting that, because life is a gift. No more fighting for cures. Everything is going to be ok. Thank you for taking the time to browse through my stories. I would love your feedback.

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