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        The internet is the fastest moving train since the Industrial Revolution changed the world forever. Ten years ago, before I had my own computer, not unusual at that time, that I found a use for email {before this I did not understand the concept} Only a few possessed personal computers, which evolved into laptops which is now outdated since the smart phone is now in the hands of everyone you meet on the street. Recently, while visiting my mother, she asked if I wanted to use her laptop to check my Face Book. I replied “No thanks. I have been checking it on my smart phone during the day as I receive updates.”  We are all connected to the big cloud in the sky, owned by Google. Well, let me just suggest that this is my PO (Personal Opinion) The day I sent my first email ten years ago,  it was extremely beneficial. I figured out a way to use it as an application. My son was in an extreme medical situation and rather than phone all the relatives, I wrote one email and sent to everyone on my mother’s address list. I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders as I found a way to apply it. 
         Today, I have found many ways Face Book has been beneficial to network, to share knowledge, to share photos and stories and information. It is a way to keep close to friends who live afar. It has been a way for me to offer emotional support to friends who need that and it has been my answer in the middle of the night when I worried I may need to go to hospital but instead was given useful information by others who had a shared knowledge. It has been a way to share the craft fairs where I would be working. The possibilities are limitless. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of FB, has learned more from users than he could have possibly imagined. We have made him a multi-millionaire because we found many applications without limits. 
         They say folks who have blogs are actually writing less, because they share so much through social media, and write shorter pieces, not necessarily on their blogs. Unfortunately, I have found no useful applications for Twitter or Linked In. I am unsure they would be beneficial to me, however, I once thought the same way about email and Face Book.  At the risk of sounding like an old lady, some may have felt the same way about using a telephone back at the turn of the century. Perhaps they felt the same about using an automobile. I suppose the affordability of these luxuries was half of the excitement of purchasing these gadgets.
         Tonight, I was excited to think I learned how to add widgets to my blog and for the first time in four years, I added a new feature. On each story, it is now possible to click on SHARE and a group of social media sites pops up onto the screen. This allows the reader to share the link with any of those sites. Yes, this old dog is still trying to learn a few tricks.

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